Day care facilities

indoor facilities

The nursery has a wide range of equipment for indoor use to promote healthy living, exercise and physical development for all age groups.

From crawling and exploring in the ball pool in the baby unit to obstacle and balancing equipment and external agencies providing physical education programmes within the pre-school unit. 

Extensive outdoor facilities

There are an extensive range of outdoor facilities at our nursery.

We have two purpose built all weather play areas, but our extensive outdoor facilities do not end there. In addition we have a large grassed garden; a secure grass paddock as well as our 7 acres of surrounding fields, which is home to our sheep. 

Outdoor play offers so many exciting learning opportunities for children as well as encouraging a healthy lifestyle, we utilise as much time outside as we can. Suitable clothing is requested for all weather conditions to ensure that children can still access the outdoor areas daily all year round.  
Outdoor play area
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